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9 August 2022

Parties to these Terms of Use

These Terms of Use constitute a binding agreement between:
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  • The natural person who uses the Website or the legal entity on whose behalf you use the Website (“you”or “your” as the context may require).

Acceptable use

You must comply with any instructions we give you about how to use the Website and must not do anything that interferes with or adversely affects the normal operation of the Website (including the ability of other users to access or use the Website). You are responsible for ensuring the security of the systems and devices that you use to access the Website, including through use of appropriate virus-checking and other security software.


You may need to register with us in order to access certain parts of the Website. Further details about registrations are available at www.morphlin.com. In this case, we may issue you with a username and password, or other appropriate log-in details for your account.
You are responsible for keeping your log-in details confidential so that they cannot be used without your permission. You will be responsible for any use of the Website by anyone using your log-in details.