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What Is Trade Signal?
A trade signal is a trigger for action, either to buy or sell a security or other asset, generated by analysis. That analysis can be human generated using technical indicators, or it can be generated using mathematical algorithms based on market action, possibly in combination with other market factors such as economic indicators

How Trading Signal Works?
Trading signals can use a variety of inputs from multiple disciplines. Typically, technical analysis is the main component, but fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis, and economics can also be inputs, as well as sentiment measures and even signals from other trading signal systems. The goal is to give investors and traders a mechanical, emotionless method to buy or sell

Signal Benefits

Support many of strategies across all market conditions
Save Time
By placing hundreds of trades that would not be possible manually
Boost Your Profitability
An automated bot takes the biggest failing factors of many traders out of the equation
Best Opportunities
For personalizing cryptocurrency trading bots


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